At Money Now, we want you to fully understand how a cash advance works before you decide to use this tool. Everything will be explained to you by one of our friendly customer service representatives before you enter into the transaction. The agreement is simple and straightforward, with no complicated language or hidden fees. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you to better understand how a cash advance works.

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance, also known as a cash advance or check advance, is a short term cash advance or loan.

How do I qualify?

It’s easy, you just need:
A full time job or stable source of income
An active, open checking account at a local bank with checks
A verifiable local address and telephone number

How much can I get?

You can typically get $100 to $500 depending on state laws and your qualifications.

What do I need to bring with me?

Your most recent bank statement Your most recent pay stub
Drivers license or state issued ID
Utility or phone bill with your current address
Pre-printed check on your checking account
Proof of Social Security Number

Do I have to have a checking account?

Yes, you will need to write a check on your active, open personal checking account. The check needs to be pre-printed with your name and address.

What if I have bad credit, no credit, or have filed bankruptcy?

No problem! We don’t check your credit so you don’t have to have good credit to get a cash advance with Money Now. Even if you have filed bankruptcy, you can still do business with us.

How long does it take?

It takes about five minutes to fill out our simple application. Most new customers have cash in their hands within 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat customers can get cash instantly.

What does it cost?

Fees vary depending on state laws and the amount of your advance. You will be given a detailed fee schedule for your state before applying for an advance and a detailed disclosure at the time of your transaction. The only cost for your cash advance is a simple one-time fee that is typically less than returned check fees, late fees or other costs you might incur without a cash advance.

Does Money Now do online loans?

No, Money Now only does face-to-face loans in our convenient, licensed locations. You know who we are and where we are, unlike mysterious online lenders. You don’t have to fill out online applications, not knowing where your information is going or if it will be safe. You get your cash in your hand instantly, no waiting for days for transfers to clear your bank.

Is my information safe?

Yes, unlike online lenders, your information is secured in one location with controlled access. It is not floating around cyberspace or given to any third parties.